Gain the skills and support to overcome the impact of sexual trauma.

Responsibility - A Restoration Skill

You'll learn very quickly if you hang out with Rachel and Rebecca that we tell it like it is. So here's your first "real fact." You are the only one who can do the hard work of overcoming sex absue. You were NOT responsible for being abused. You are, however, responsible to do the work to overcome. And we are here to give you the skills and support necessary to do just that.

Trauma Identity

You are not what happened to you! Even though it feels as if you are. Trauma imposes a distortion upon who you think you are. For example: almost every victim of sex abuse lives out of a sense of shame. As if it were part of who they are. The truth is that shame is an emotion - not an aspect of identity! A victim feels "ashamed" during the trauma, and without a way to express it or process it, the emotion of shame morphs into a sense of identity. The resources available to you at Connections will help you release shame and become who you were created capable of being!

A Restoration Paradigm

Connections' Restoration thinking outlines a journey towards reconnecting to authentic identity. Why? Because you haven't "survived" sex abuse until you have shifted the internal impact of sex abuse! The 4 Restoration Ranges are: "Refugee", "Overcoming", "Conquering", and "Identity." Each range is defined with a cores set of beliefs, obstalces, tasks and therapeutic approaches. You'll want to explore our book, "Beyond Recovery to Restoration: working with the trauma of sex abuse". We also recommend the workbook to help you do it!

Victim or Survivor

Did you notice that we use the word "victim" and not "survivor" when speaking of someone who has experienced sex abuse? That is purposefull. Our culture has too quickly assigned the word survivor to someone who experienced sex abuse. It was meant to signify overcoming and getting through horrific circumstances. Well meaning, but it inadvertently took away the space needed for healing. The truth: you were a victim, something was done TO you that hurt you deeply in your heart and soul. It shifted what you think about yourself, the world around you and your place in it. Not until you overcome that deep impact have you survived. People may have said to you, "Why aren't you over that yet?" It's because in the word survivor is an expectation you made it through. Shift the language with us and create the space necessary for victims to be restored to authentic identity.