Created Identity

I am so very different from my parents and siblings.  I’ve sometimes thought I might a...

Apr 19, 2017

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The Problem with Triggers

I read it again in a post today.  “Trigger warning.”  It made me mad actua...

Feb 21, 2017

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Change the Word and Change the Picture

As I gaze out this window and try to find words to describe what I see, I can choose between two ...

Feb 10, 2017

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Behold the sound              &...

Dec 22, 2016

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Your Normal is Not Okay!

She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s famiiar.”  My hea...

Nov 23, 2016

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The Spartan Race

This post was written by a guest.  The writer has been training for a grueling physical expe...

Aug 29, 2016

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Engage in the Battle

You have a terrorist occupying your personal territory! When that person obliterated your physic...

Jul 27, 2016

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The Resting Reproach of Shame

Its more than a physical touch.  The touch of sex abuse is a touch that speaks devastation t...

Jul 19, 2016

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Living Numb

This past weekend I watched, for the second time, the movie, “The Giver”.  The s...

Jun 20, 2016

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It Takes a Small Step

Several months ago I decided to learn to weave. As a little girl my parents would take me to thos...

Jun 09, 2016

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Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again - WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST! I've now watched this video numerous tim...

May 04, 2016

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Don't Minimize My Journey

               I often hear victims of childhood...

Apr 27, 2016

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Rope of Lies

Out enjoying the change in our weather, I happened to glance at the base of the tree that Kirby w...

Mar 11, 2016

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Oh Yeah, I Dare You

I looked at her sitting on the couch and recognized the attitude.  In her eyes, in her body ...

Feb 15, 2016

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Change This Climate

I'm certain you heard of the recent meeting in Paris where the world came together in concern abo...

Jan 20, 2016

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